SF BUILD Postdoctoral Fellow Cathy Samayoa Hired as SF State Faculty

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Contact Info: gbaldonado@mail.sfsu.edu

By Gian Carlo Baldonado

SF BUILD postdoctoral fellow Cathy Samayoa, PhD, has been hired as a tenure-track faculty in the department of biology at San Francisco State University. 

Samayoa earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in cell and molecular biology from SF State before earning her doctorate in cancer biology from UT Health San Antonio in 2016. She returned to SF State as a postdoctoral fellow and served in multiple roles within the SF BUILD.

Before completing her doctoral program she was recruited to become the inaugural post-doctoral fellow in the Health & Equity Research (HER) Laboratory—a core facility for SF BUILD. Making use of the resources in the HER lab, she won two pilot grants with collaborators at the University of California, San Francisco and a diversity supplement of more than $500,000 for her research on breast cancer disparities in Latinas. 

She will begin her faculty appointment in Fall 2022 as a biology health equity researcher.

Cathy Samayoa, PhD, is standing and delivering a presentation on embodiment of chronic stress to a new cohort of SF BUILD scholars all seated in a lab, on July 5, 2022.
Cathy Samayoa, PhD, delivers a presentation on embodiment of chronic stress to a new cohort of SF BUILD scholars on July 5, 2022.

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