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One of the Diversity Program Consortium's biggest stakeholders is its student scholars! The DPC trains hundreds of undergraduates participating in the BUILD initiative every year to enter the biomedical research field and helps them attain graduate education. Students can also turn to the National Research Mentoring Network for even more mentoring support. This page provides general web resources and information for BUILD students. Students can also find research and funding opportunities organized by deadline in the Student Events/Opportunities panel

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Featured Event: DPC@ABRCMS 

The "DPC@ABRCMS" event will be held on the evening of Friday, Nov. 15, starting at 6:30 p.m. Location information will be updated soon. Visit the DPC@ABRCMS event page.

The event's theme focuses on infectious disease outbreaks and the vaccination dilemma, focusing on diverse communities. Our guest speaker is Dr. Mario Barro, a leading vaccine research and development expert serving as the Associate Vice President, Head of Advanced Research at FluNXT/Sanofi Pasteur. Barro has led collaborative/networks/partnerships for influenza vaccine development with the CDC, FDA, NIH and NIBSC. Students from "BUILD" programs in the DPC are also invited to present 10-minute talks on their research or literature review on vaccines and infectious disease. If you would like to submit your abstract, please submit online by Oct. 13.
Students will also be asked to think about how infectious disease outbreaks and the vaccine dilemma impacts their own communities and will be challenged to come up with creative ways to inform community members and combat misinformation and myths surrounding disease and vaccines.

Please REGISTER for the DPC@ABRCMS session!

Student Events/Opportunities

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Pathways to Science:
NIH Training Programs:

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Engineering Mechanobiology - University of Pennsylvania.
Application Deadline: February 1, 2020
Program Duration: May 26 through July 31, 2020

Summer Undergraduate Research in Physiology (SURP) program to Promote Diversity of Future Scientists - University of Michigan
Application Deadline: February 1, 2020
Program Duration: May 26 through August 14, 2020

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