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The journal BMC Proceedings published a special issue entitled, The Diversity Program Consortium: Innovating Educational Practice and Evaluation Along the Biomedical Research Pathways. The special issue was released online on December 4th, with articles sent to Pub Med on the day of publication and in the database within 3-6 weeks. The issue focuses on details of the origins, key features, implementation and evaluation of DPC-wide activities that are collaborative efforts, involving multiple levels of innovation intended to increase diversity in the biomedical workforce. It is the first consortium-wide collaborative product that depicts the evolution of campus practices, assessment, and cross-institutional efforts to advance diversity in biomedical research training across the career pathways. Sylvia Hurtado (UCLA) was the special issue editor, assisted by graduate student Damani White-Lewis, who coordinated over 30 external peer-reviewers from academics and program coordinators from national STEM institutes and major higher education organizations engaged in STEM activities. There are 10 BUILD articles, each focusing on the unique features of campus and partner implementation activities, two articles on NRMN, and three articles on the evaluation activities of the CEC. The introductory article lays the groundwork for understanding the national significance of these activities that portend systemic change and new models that reflect the development of inclusive science in research and practice across the DPC. Each article offers unique insights, useful research citations that inform practice, and a greater appreciation for the groundbreaking work within and across funded sites. This was an important first attempt to explain the many facets of the DPC to an international audience of scientists, and each article serves as a source that can be referenced in future studies. Many thanks to those who helped to smooth the process at various stages, and congratulations to the 85 authors and co-authors on the special issue.

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Advancing inclusive science and systemic change: the convergence of national aims and institutional goals in implementing and assessing biomedical science training. (2017, December 04). Retrieved December 18, 2017, from

The Diversity Program Consortium Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA is supported by Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health / National Institutes of General Medical Sciences under award number U54GM119024.