CWEP Data - Availability, Analysis and Linkage to Site-data, Breakout Session Facilitated by BLaST, BUILDing Scholars and CEC/UCLA

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During the CWEP Data Session, we focused the CWEP data (available data, survey content, and examples of actual data analyses) and outlined methods for sites to consider when linking their site-specific data to the site’s CWEP data. Participants had the opportunity to develop ideas for possible analyses for CEC/UCLA to run a preliminary analysis.

Facilitator: Karsten Hueffer-University of Alaska Fairbanks (BLaST), Stephen Aley- the University of Texas, El Paso (BUILDing Scholars) and Teresa Seeman- Coordination & Evaluation Center at UCLA (CEC) and Heather McCeath-Coordination & Evaluation Center at UCLA (CEC)


All facilitators were allowed to share the session materials through the intranet. These materials may be accessed here.

If materials are not found, please contact the facilitators directly.