NIH Definition vs. DPC proposed Definition

Majors highlighted in orange are majors that were not originally included on the NSF/NIH survey but will be included on the DPC definition of biomedical majors.


The second column reflects the fields included on the NSF/NIH survey of graduate students and post doctorates in science and engineering. The CEC adopted this list as an initial guide and proposed to the ESC an expanded list of majors for inclusion on the undergraduate biomedical major definition for the DPC. This definition will drive the sampling and therefore have an impact on the data that makes up the CWEP. The ESC discussed the pros and cons of different inclusions and exclusions during the March 21, 2016 meeting. The ESC representative for each site was prompted to respond with feedback and/or requests for additional majors that they believed better reflected the trainees and the definition of biomedical science according to the RFA. The third column reflects the majors proposed by the ESC (based on the feedback received up to October 10, 2016 ) to make up the DPC definition of undergraduate biomedical majors. Political Science, alike other non biomedically defined majors, will be excluded from this list because students in those majors will not be sampled as part of the DPC CWEP. However, each program has the flexibility to include students in majors not defined here with the understanding that NIH/NIGMS will be looking for an explanation of why trainees under those non biomedical majors were supported as part of the initiative. For example, Political Science will not be considered a biomedical major (this means students in Political Science will not be sampled systematically as part of the CWEP) but it could be true that a student focusing on health policy might be supported under the initiative. The NIH/NIGMS program officers will provide more guidance to the DPC on their expectations for sites that fund students whose major is not on the list. Per the ESC meeting October 12th, 2016 (during the 2016 DPC Annual Meeting) the majors on the table above were approved and the only change to the previous version was the addition of Social Work. Note that the majors highlighted in orange are majors that were not originally included on the NSF/NIH survey but will be included on the DPC definition of biomedical majors.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact the ESC cochairs and/or the CEC.

Lourdes Echegoyen (UTEP)
Alison Gammie (NIH/NIGMS)
Nancy E. Calderon (CEC/UCLA)
Keith Norris (CEC/UCLA)


CEC Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA CWEP Consortium Wide Evaluation Plan
DPC NIH Diversity Program Consortium
ESC Executive Steering Committee
NIGMS National Institutes of General Medical Sciences
NIH National Institutes of Health
RFA Request for Application
UG Majors NIH Definition ESC Proposed
Anatomy 22 22
Animal Biology (zoology) Biochemistry/Biophysics 22 22
Biology (general) 22 22
Biosciences 22 22
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Endocrinology 22 22
Entomology and parasitology 22 22
Genetics 22 22
Marine Biology   22
Microbiology 22 22
Microbiology, immunology, and virology 22 22
Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology Multidisciplinary 22 22
Neurobiology/Neuroscience 22 22
Other Biological Science 22 22
Pathology 22 22
Pharmacology 22 22
Physiology 22 22
Zoology 22 22
Biological/Agricultural Engineering   22
Biomedical Engineering 22 22
Chemical Engineering   22
Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering   22
Civil & Construction Engineering    
Civil & Environmental Engineering    
Civil Engineering    
Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering    
Computer Engineering and Computer Science   22
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering   22
Electrical Engineering   22
Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering   22
Engineering & Technology Management   22
Engineering Education & Leadership    
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering    
Industrial & Systems Engineering    
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering   22
Mechanical & Materials Engineering   22
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering    
Mining & Geological Engineering    
Petroleum Engineering    
Transportation & Urban Infrastructure Engineering    
Anesthesiology 22 22
Biometry and epidemiology 22 22
Cardiology   22
Child & Adolescent Development   22
Clinical medicine, nec 22 22
Communication disorders sciences
Speech and Hearing Sciences
22 22
Dental Science 22 22
Environmental & Occupational Health Engineering   22
Family & Consumer Sciences
Dietetics and Food
Health Care/Services Administration
Health Science
22 22
Health Education
Physical Education
Sport Pyschology
22 22
Health related 22 22
Health Sciences (e.g. Information Management) 22 22
Hematology 22 22
Exercise Science
Medical Technologies/Technicians   22
Multidisciplinary 22 22
Neurology 22 22
Nursing 22 22
Obstetrics and gynecology 22 22
Oncology/cancer research 22 22
Ophthalmology 22 22
Otorhinolaryngology 22 22
Pediatrics 22 22
Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences 22 22
Physical Therapy   22
Preventative medicine and community health 22 22
Psychiatry 22 22
Public Health/Community Health
Health Communication
Community Development
22 22
Pulmonary disease 22 22
Radiology 22 22
Science Education   22
Surgery 22 22
Veterinary sciences 22 22
Atmospheric Sciences   22
Biochemical Sciences 22 22
Biophysics 22 22
Chemistry 22 22
Chemistry and Biochemistry 22 22
Environmental Sciences   22
Geography   22
Geography and Environmental Sciences   22
Geological or Earth Sciences   22
Marine Biotechnology   22
Medicinal Chemistry 22 22
Physics   22
Physics and Astronomy   22
Anthropology (cultural and social) 22 22
Clinical psychology 22 22
Human Development
22 22
Psychology 22 22
Psychology, combined 22 22
Psychology, except clinical 22 22
Women & Gender Studies
Sociology/anthropology 22 22
Social Work (added Oct/12/2016 @ESCmtg)    
Computer Science   22
Information Systems   22
Mathematics & Statistics   22

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