Administration Core

The CEC Administrative Core provides a centralized administrative structure to enhance the efficiency of the CEC and NIH Diversity Program Consortium activities through the provision of cross-program logistics, linkages, and learning communities.  



  1. Facilitate and ensure collaboration among the NIH Diversity Program Consortium and NIH so all Consortium goals are fulfilled (Logistics); 
  2. Provide service and tools to enable effective communications across the NIH Diversity Program Consortium, Executive Steering Committee, NIH and key stakeholders (Linkages); and
  3. Provide real-time reports for continuous quality improvement processes and evaluation of the NIH Diversity Program Consortium operations and the CEC operations (Learning Communities).
Keith C. Norris, Md., PhD

Keith C. Norris, MD, PhD

Nancy Calderon

Nancy Calderon, MPH


Team Members


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Sara Barfield

Gerald A. Bempong, MPH

Gerald A. Bempong, MPH

Nancy Calderon

Nancy Calderón, MPH

 Tam Dinh

Alana  DeBlase


Janet Frank, DrPH

Scarlet Karimian

Scarlet Karimian


Gene Lacson

Keith Norris

Keith Norris, MD, PhD

Nathalie Sevilla

Sona Hakobyan


Cynthia Montes



The Diversity Program Consortium Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA is supported by Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health / National Institutes of General Medical Sciences under award number U54GM119024.