Administrative Core

The Administrative Core (AC) provides a centralized structure to enhance communication and bolster successes across the consortium.  The staff support the multitude of meetings across the Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC) and the Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) while planning events, such as the annual conference, which connects members of the consortium.  The overall  goal of the AC is to optimize the efficiency of the CEC while collaborating across the consortium to support success. 

The audience drives the communication, so within the DPC, the focus is on enhancing internal communication processes to assure the optimal functioning of the DPC community and direct access to best practices from consortium-wide partners.  For external communities, such as broader educational institutions, diversity researchers, and policymakers, the CDC shares information to increase knowledge and impact change.  Our products include the Hallmarks of Success and DPC evaluation outcomes, and lessons learned, best practices, and processes from across the consortium.

The Specific Aims of the AC are to:

1. Optimize the coordination and support of internal CEC activities across each core to ensure effective communication.

2. Coordinate and facilitate external collaborative activities among DPC members, including DPC Executive Steering Committee (ESC), and its subcommittees and working groups.

3. Provide scheduling and administrative support to the new CDC efforts to disseminate effective strategies for enhancing diversity in biomedical research fields.

4. Monitor quality improvement processes and coordinate the evaluation of CEC internal operations.



Keith C. Norris, Md., PhD

Keith C. Norris, MD, PhD

Cynthia Joseph

Cynthia Joseph, EdD



Team Members


Gerald A. Bempong

Gerald A. Bempong, MPH

Cynthia Montes

Cynthia Montes

Jonathan Mendez

Jonathan Mendez

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