Principal Investigators

Lourdes Echegoyen, Ph.D.

Stephen Aley, Ph.D.

Thomas Boland, Ph.D.

Marc Cox, Ph.D.

Osvaldo Morera, Ph.D.

Amy Wagler, Ph.D.

Danielle Xiaodan Morales, Ph.D.


BUILDing (Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity) SCHOLARS (Soutwest Consortium of Health-Oriented Education Leaders and Research Scholars) is a center of excellence established at The University of Texas at El Paso with support from the National Institutes of Health - Common Fund. The goal for the second and last cycle is to continue implementing the programs and activities that are positively transforming the training of the next generation of biomedical researchers from U.S. Southwest groups through a multi-institution consortium in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, as well as three extra-regional sites.

Contact Information

Contact Principal Investigator
Lourdes Echegoyen: lourdes@utep.edu

Communications Representative
John Garza: jpgarza@utep.edu



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