Special Issue Update

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Thank you to all our DPC partners who have been working diligently on the Special Issue Chapters. The Special Issue Publication will be highlighting the tremendous work that has been done in the implementation of the BUILD and NRMN programs and the opportunities for future research on promoting diversity within the biomedical sciences. When we publish in BMC Proceedings the papers will be available in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Google Scholar, PubMed and PubMed Central which will provide us with a great degree of visibility as move towards renewal of the grants. 

We received the draft abstracts at the start of June, and from the initial review it is looking like we are off to a great start in describing the unique innovations, program design, and activities that are being implemented across the consortium. 

There is still much more writing to be done this summer, with our deadlines fast approaching. 

Upcoming deadlines

July 31st – First drafts of chapters are due for CEC review and feedback.

September 30th – Final drafts of each chapter are due to the CEC.

October 15th – Chapters to external reviewers for peer review.

November 15th – Target date for submission to BMC Proceedings.

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