Underrepresented Groups Need Hand Up, Not Handout, in STEM Education

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US News & World Report reports “about 100 middle-school boys in the nation's capital are set to take part in a new technology-education program in late June that will teach them, among other things, 3-D modeling and app development. In so doing, the black and Hispanic youths chosen for the Verizon Minority Male Makers Program will be exposed to future career opportunities in the technology sector, a field where minorities have traditionally been underrepresented… These initiatives represent a moral and economic imperative for our nation's children. But, according to the 2016 U.S. News & World Report/Raytheon STEM Index, which aims to measure science, technology, engineering and math activity in the U.S., little if any progress is being made in engaging underrepresented groups in these important subjects.”


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