Next on Enhance Science: Catch Up with BUILD Alumni from #FaceOfScience Series

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Catch up with BUILD alumni featured in the 2021 #FaceOfScience campaign! Each are excelling in research careers through fellowships, doctoral programs, and more.

Sydni Alexis Elebra: ReBUILDetroit

In Episode 16, "I Can See Myself," Sydni Alexis Elebra reflects on her involvement with the campaign and shares new knowledge she's gained since then. “This is a campaign that is aligned with who I am.” Catch up with Sydni as she reflects on being part of Face Of Science and how she advocates for those who cannot see themselves in STEM. 

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Watch Sydni’s original interview in Episode 4 — "A Piece of the Puzzle" on YouTube.



Jade Dodge & Ayanna Culmer-Gilbert: MSU ASCEND

In Episode 17, “Confidence and Growth,” Jade Dodge & Ayanna Culmer-Gilbert reflect on being part of the Face Of Science video series and how much they’ve grown since their undergrad years.

“I feel like a lot of people are now seeing the importance of science and how we can help advance in the medical field.” - Ayanna Culmer-Gilbert 

"It's definitely rewarding now. Like people are now saying, okay, this is what you do. This is why it's important. So definitely appreciated now." - Jade Dodge

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Watch Jade and Ayanna’s original interview in Episode 1 — "It's Important to Us" on YouTube.


Aiyana Ponce and Cynthia Bautista: UTEP BUILDing SCHOLARS

In Episode 18, “Why We Do Research,” catch up with Aiyana Ponce and Cynthia Bautista to see where their research journeys have taken them since #FaceOfScience!

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Watch Aiyana and Cynthia's original interview in Episode 7 — "Empowered to Make a Difference" on YouTube. 


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