CEC Data Brief: Biomedical Faculty Use of Student-Centered Pedagogy at BUILD Institutions

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As an element of the Diversity Program Consortium's consortium-wide evaluation plan, the Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC) produces data briefs. Consortium data briefs are data-driven products relating to the Hallmarks of Success and they are designed to probe hypothesis driven questions within the scope of the consortium-wide evaluation plan. 

A recently published data brief provides a first look at data related to Faculty Hallmark of Success 17 (FAC-17). This hallmark focuses on faculty use of evidence-based practices in teaching and mentoring. The data included in the data brief is from the 2016 Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) survey of faculty at BUILD institions and their use of student-centered pedagogy (SCP) by faculty at BUILD institutions. SCP is an approach that engages students as active participants in the learning process. The initial analyis found that faculty at BUILD institutions who were BUILD-affiliated did not differ from other faculty at those institutions in their use of evidence-based SCP methods, but utilization of SCP does vary by academic rank, gender, and discipline.

To read more, visit https://www.diversityprogramconsortium.org/files/view/docs/Brief_Faculty_Pedagogy_V7.pdf

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