NRMN Webinar Series: How to Leverage the NRMN Network

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By Katie Stinson

As NRMN  transitions to the start of a new academic year, they have also transitioned the registration link for the webinar series. Participants can register in advance for the HTLTNN (How to Leverage the NRMN Network) Webinar Series: and add the series to their  calendar.

The next webinar will occur on Monday, Sept. 21st, from 11-11:45am CST.

Those interested can access previous webinars on the NRMN YouTube channel.

“We really try to make these webinars appeal to what is needed most during any given time as well as display the functionality of any new features. At the beginning of COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place order, we focused the webinar on how to stay connected and use the resources available in lieu of traditional in-person activities. Our upcoming webinar will focus on the challenges of the new semester and how NRMN’s resources can help alleviate some of the stress as well as provide outlets for people in the STEM community,” Katie Stinson, host of NRMN’s HTLTNN Webinar Series, said.

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