Morgan State University ASCEND Hosts International Meetings Aimed At Reducing Health Disparities

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Two meetings addressing health disparities were held at Morgan State University in June 2019. 

The Addressing Urban Health Disparities through Participatory Health Research meeting, held June 21-22, was a forum for academicians, students, practitioners, community stakeholders, policy advocates and others interested in addressing urban health disparities through participatory methods. 

The second event was the annual working meeting of the International Collaboration for Participatory Health Research (ICPHR), an international group of community-based participatory research (CBPR) scientists and community members from the United States and around the world. It took place from June 23-25. 

During these two meetings, the participants shared methods, theories and experiences, exchanged ideas and innovations, enhanced the capacity for participatory health research and planned for future collaborative research. These meetings provided an opportunity to enhance the capacity of faculty and students, both at MSU and beyond, to engage in the CBPR approach to health research.

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