SF BUILD Graduates Thirteen Scholars

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Students, faculty, and staff gathered on May 29th at the home of San Francisco BUILD PI Letícia Marquez-Magaña, Ph.D., to celebrate 13 of their esteemed SF BUILD Scholars completing both the SF BUILD program and graduating from San Francisco State University.


Go forward, SF BUILD Agents of Change, and show the world what you got!


Graduating scholars (listed from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Azuka Atum: B.S., Microbiology

2. Derrick Chatad: B.S., Biology: Physiology

3. Maria Cruz: B.S., Biology: Physiology

4. Imani Davis: B.S., Cell and Molecular Biology

5. Elizabeth Urrutia: B.S., Biology (not pictured)

6. Nikee Salamanca: B.S., Biology (not pictured)

7. Kayla Lam-Little: B.S., Cell & Molecular Biology

8. Louis Contreras: B.S., Cell and Molecular Biology (not pictured)

9. Luis Chumpitaz Diaz: B.S., Computer Engineering

10. Marsha Calvert: B.S., Physiology

11. Alma Barrios: B.S., Biology- Zoology

12. Martha Arriaga: B.S., Biochemistry

13. Natalie Torres Cacho: B.S., General Biology












Here are some photos from the SF BUILD Graduation Celebration

Pictured from left to right: Imani Davis, Nikee Salamanca, Derrick Chatad, Brittany Contreras, Alma Barrios, and Maria Cruz

Pictured from top to bottom, left to right:

Derrick Chatad, Alma Barrios, Imani Davis, Nikee Salamanca, Maria Cruz, Brittany Contreras

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