ReBUILDetroit Celebrates First Graduating Cohort with 2018 Winter Class

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By Jonathan Rhodes

ReBUILDetroit celebrated the program’s first graduates from the University of Detroit Mercy, in the 2018 winter semester. Jamillah Douthet earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology; Christina Jones earned a Bachelor of Science in biology; Nema Kebbeh earned a Bachelor of Arts in developmental psychology, and Mary-Jacqueline Muli earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing with a minor in leadership. ReBUILDetroit’s goal is to increase diversity in  biomedical research fields by empowering underrepresented students from diverse backgrounds. Christina Jones credits ReBUILDetroit for providing her with new opportunities that she did not have before. The program administrators and staff were proud of the first graduating cohort and look forward to their contributions in the field.


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