Inclusion of Grads and Post-Docs in Student Training Programs, Breakout Session Facilitated by ReBUILDetroit

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A key aspect of the ReBUILDetroit Program is the formation of dynamic learning communities which span across the three Consortium institutions, disciplines, and faculty ranks. ReBUILDetroit participants undergraduate ReBUILDetroit Scholars, Graduate Learning Community Advisors (GLCAs), postdoctoral teaching fellows (PTFs), faculty members, and research mentors become part of a Consortium-wide kaleidoscope network whose aim is to transform the undergraduate curriculum and provide mentored summer research experiences for the ReBUILDetroit Scholars commencing their freshman year. The placement of GLCAs and PTFs in the classrooms (1) creates another layer of mentoring to extend the personal, educational and professional growth of the Scholars; (2) extends the training of young professionals; and (3) provides classroom and content support for the primary instructors to make space and time for learning to teach in a more active and engaging manner through course-based undergraduate research experiences.


In this session participants shared strategies for the recruitment and placement of the GLCAs and PTFs across the consortium, as well as the preliminary evaluation instruments. Results were used for the GLCAs, PTFs, primary faculty and ReBUILD Scholars. They explored the feasibility of adapting the ReBUILDetroit training model to their own institution and brainstormed alternative strategies to include graduate students and post-docs in their training programs.

Facilitator: Jeanne Andreoli and Ambika Mathur- University of Detroit Mercy (ReBUILDetroit)


All facilitators were allowed to share the session materials through the intranet. These materials may be accessed here.

If materials are not found, please contact the facilitators directly.