Developing & Leveraging Intensive Partnerships- Breakout Session Facilitated by BUILD EXITO

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Leaders of BUILD EXITO gave a workshop on developing and leveraging intensive partnerships based on lessons learned from collaborating with ten institutions across multiple Pacific states and territories that participate in the EXITO network. The session, which featured a panel of EXITO team members, addressed the four types of partner institutions in the network, the distinctive role and contribution of each type of partner, and the strategies employed to integrate all partners into a unified team. The lively discussion focused special attention on factors that facilitate effective collaboration with research-intensive institutions to provide trainees with long-term research experiences.



Facilitator: Carlos Crespo and Thomas Keller – Portland State University (EXITO)


All facilitators were allowed to share the session materials through the intranet. These materials may be accessed here

If materials are not found, please contact the facilitators directly.