Special Thanks to the DPC Annual Conference Planning Committee

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We would like to extend a special thanks to the 2017 DPC Annual Conference Planning Committee (ACPC) for their leadership and thoughtful contributions towards the programming of the event. The ACPC is a group that convened this year with the aim of providing feedback throughout the planning process of the event. As a subcommittee of the ESC, we want to extend our deepest gratitude since this was an extra activity they took on voluntarily. We are particularly appreciative of Dr. Karsten Hueffer who served as the ACPC spokesperson and ensure that considerations and decisions were communicated to the Consortium's leadership.


We also extend a special thank you to the CEC's event coordination and planning team led by Nancy Calderon and Tatiana Vardanyan. In particular, we like to thank the CEC for their leadership, coordination of planning meetings, on-site support to session facilitators, logistics, and post-event follow up.


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