Sustainability: Scalable, Low Cost, High Impact Strategies- Breakout Session Facilitated by ASCEND

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Sustainability is a major area of consideration for the next phase/s of the BUILD and other DPC initiatives. In the first round, each BUILD site proposed novel approaches with promising sustainable components. This session provided an opportunity for sharing what we have learned in the past three years and identifying effective low-cost interventions that could be replicated and sustained. The session was highly interactive with three brainstorming questions guiding the discussion. 1) What are some initiatives and/or interventions from your site that you have found to be effective, low-cost, scalable and sustainable? 2) How do you measure sustainability and scalability? 3) What are the strategies through which BUILD sites can collaborate to scale up promising interventions?


In this breakout session, effective low cost and scalable effective interventions were discussed. Participants shared their ideas on measuring and documenting evidence needed to prove scalability and sustainability of interventions.