Culturally Responsive Approaches to Science Teaching and Research Training, Breakout Session Facilitated by SF BUILD

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Research environments often reflect the culture of the predominant group(s) which leads to the establishment of the field of investigation. While this affirms the culture and values of the historically predominant group, it often does not affirm the culture of the historically underserved. In this session, we discussed evidence of negative student outcomes associated with an environment where the research environments do not affirm the culture, the lived experience, and the values of the historical underrepresented (HU) students.


In this session, we discussed barriers experienced by HU students and how cultural ties enhance research career identity. This lead to discussions on strategies to support faculty in creating more affirming and inclusive environments so that HU students persist in the biomedical research fields.  

Facilitator: Leticia Marquez Magana and Audrey Parangan Smith- San Francisco State University (SF BUILD)


All facilitators were allowed to share the session materials through the intranet. These materials may be accessed here.

If materials are not found, please contact the facilitators directly.