Theories of Change: Measuring Institutional Climate Transformation, Breakout Session Facilitated by SF BUILD

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Leaders of the SF BUILD project delivered two breakout sessions at the annual grantees meeting. Both focused on sharing tools for institutional transformation. Dr. Mica Estrada presented a session entitled, “Theories of Change: Measuring Institutional Climate Transformation,” and Drs. Leticia Márquez-Magaña and Audrey Parangan-Smith presented a session on “Culturally-Responsive Approaches to Science Teaching and Research Training.

Dr. Estrada’s session began with a description of how all individuals scan their environment for signs of threat and safety, including historically underrepresented students intending to pursue a career in biomedical research. She then shared several theories of change used by social scientists to advance efforts to broaden participation in science fields, and provided examples of theoretical frameworks for transforming campus climates. Participants left with research tools for guiding and evaluating their own institutional transformation efforts.

Drs. Márquez-Magaña and Parangan-Smith welcomed participants to their session by engaging them in a discussion of the predominant culture in their own scientific disciplines. They then explored reports of the predominant culture in higher education, elaborating upon their whiteness and the dissonance experienced by many students of color that come from more communal cultures. The session ended with participants sharing tools for creating more affirming environments that celebrate the assets students of color can bring to science fields via their community cultural wealth.

Facilitator: Mica Estrada- San Francisco State University (SF BUILD)


All facilitators were allowed to share the session materials through the intranet. These materials may be accessed here.

If materials are not found, please contact the facilitators directly.