About the Newsletter

The NIH Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) Newsletter provides updates on activities at all the DPC sites, shares progress on collaborative efforts within the consortium, and highlights news and recent publications related to diversity and mentoring in the biomedical sciences.

Included in the newsletter are updates and information about the three DPC initiatives: Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD), the National Research Monitoring Network (NRMN), and the Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC). Individuals from these grantee sites submit the majority of newsletter articles, in which they highlight unique aspects of their initiatives, including trainee and faculty success stories, workshops, updates on research programs and new publications.

The DPC Communications Working Group edits and publishes the newsletter on a quarterly schedule. There are occasional special editions focused on major consortium events or outreach campaigns.

The newsletter is divided into four sections:

Consortium News:

This section includes news items written by individuals at DPC grantee sites. Articles might include general updates about accomplishments, conferences, photos, videos, social media campaigns and more. There are also opportunities for collaborative articles, such as writing about a conference that individuals from many sites attended, or an overview piece about a DPC-wide accomplishment.

"Consortium News" also includes student and faculty news, such as graduation announcements, researcher and mentor spotlights, awards, internships, summer research programs, promotions, etc.

In the News

This section is for externally generated media coverage of the DPC, such as items produced by local or university news services, podcasts, radio spots, blog posts or other forms of communication. It also includes items from other newsletters that mention a DPC site/ program or highlight faculty members, researchers, mentors associated with programs, etc.

Please Note: Advertisements are not included in newsletter content.

Research Digest

"Research Digest" includes links and abstracts for research articles/ peer-reviewed publications by researchers affiliated with the DPC. This helps the wider community gain access to these publications and stay up-to-date with research coming from the DPC sites.

Collected research articles, peer-reviewed articles and news items covering topics relevant to the DPC goals and mission can also be included. Such articles may cover issues and research on themes related to diversity, education, research, mentoring, health disparities, etc. It’s not required that these articles feature the DPC.


Check this section for reminders about upcoming events, like conferences, webinars and meetings. These events include both those organized by the DPC and others of possible interest to the wider community.

The Diversity Program Consortium Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA is supported by Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health / National Institutes of General Medical Sciences under award number U54GM119024.