Why a Newsletter?

A primary function of the newsletter is to communicate and disseminate important information, tools, and data.

The intent of CEC is to regularly publish a Newsletter that will provide information regarding the Diversity Program Consortium (DPC), including updates regarding Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) and National Research Monitoring Network (NRMN) projects such as curricula, mentorship, workshops, scholarships, and general infrastructural projects and programs; to provide highlights of news regarding diversity in the biomedical workforce; to spotlight diverse scholars, faculty, and professionals in biomedicine; and to provide communication to the DPC regarding the overlap and inter-workings of the Coordination & Evaluation Center (CEC) working groups. The NIH Diversity Consortium Newsletter will solicit content contributions from members of the consortium. Content in each edition will be organized into categories. 

Newsletter categories and content criteria:

Consortium Team Update:

Goal: To update the DPC regarding BUILD and NRMN projects such as curricula, mentorship, workshops, scholarships, and general infrastructural projects and programs.

Criteria: This is a platform for the consortium member sites to share their concerns and suggestions; as well as to share the various projects that are being implemented at their campus.

Specifically, we are interested in what diversity projects are being set up at each institution, how the implementation process is going, and what the site team is learning from the process.

This can include more informal reviews and synopses for what is occurring at the ground level.

Insider’s report:

Goal: Communicate to the DPC the overlap and inter-workings of the CEC working groups.

Criteria: The Insiders’ Report will also address what’s going on in each working group. We expect a status and progress update from each core. While the working groups are designing their own strategies to move forward with their responsibilities, there are many shared process components given they all share the same end goal. We expect this section to be structured in a way that reflects this overlap to each working group involved by condensing some of the information they share. An example of how they overlap below:

e.g. Hallmarks vs. Data vs. Evaluation working groups: There has been a lot of work on the defining the Hallmarks of success.  The Data working group has been talking to representatives from each site about how to measure their programs affects and success in reaching their goals. The Evaluation working group has been collaboratively working to formalize each BUILD and NRMN program's evaluation plan that utilize data elements and instruments that in part measure or evidence achievement of Hallmarks. 

The working groups are all converging towards an overall Consortium goal.

People in Biomedicine:

Goal: To spotlight diverse scholars, faculty, and professionals in biomedicine.

Criteria: This section highlights diverse scholars and professionals in biomedicine who come from currently underrepresented populations/backgrounds in the biomedical sciences.

We are looking for people from across the career spectrum (undergraduate and onwards), especially up-and-coming scholars (ex. BUILD scholars).

Format: The format should include a photo (with source citation), full name and professional title/s, educational history, affiliated organization/s, a short synopsis of research, and pertinent awards, achievements and commendations.

Resources & References

Goal: To inform DPC regarding tools, resources and references that are helpful in considering, and developing program content and strategy.

Examples include:

  • Public materials regarded especially helpful for workshop or curriculum development.
  • Reference materials helpful in constructing strategies for student participation in surveys and other evaluation activities.
  • Research literature contributing to an increased understanding of how to recruit and retain students, address specific URG academic needs, develop mentoring programs and strategies, etc.

In the News:

Goal: To highlight news regarding diversity in the biomedical workforce.

Criteria: We are looking for articles on diversity in biomedicine and the biomedical workforce, with a preference for articles which are specifically relevant or related to the consortium team members (e.g. the BUILD sites, NRMN, the NIH, and the CEC), and relevant processes and innovations.


Please Note: We will not include advertisements in our newsletter content.

The Diversity Program Consortium Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA is supported by Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health / National Institutes of General Medical Sciences under award number U54GM119024.