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A decade of success for the Diversity Program Consortium

Volume 9, Issue 2

June 2024

Special issue of The Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching features DPC research

By Mary Barbara Trube, Nora Dominguez, Christine Pfund and Christine Sorkness

The special issue published on June 26, 2024 featuring open access publications from Diversity Program Consortium (DPC) awardees in the The Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching. The journal is the premier bimonthly online academic publication of the Mentoring Institute at The University of New Mexico. 

This Special Issue, “Mentorship Interventions Across Career Stages in Biomedical and Health Sciences Fields,” includes 15 articles presenting cutting-edge research, evaluations of mentorship interventions across career stages, and curriculum and tools related to mentorship, coaching, and leadership practices in the biomedical and health sciences fields. 

Guest editors Christine Pfund and Christine Sorkness, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and leaders for the National Research Mentoring Network Coordination Center, identified four overarching themes — expanding mentorship interventions, testing existing interventions, the importance of prepared facilitators to implement interventions, and new validated mentoring assessment instruments—as summarized in their Commentary. 

The call for submissions resulted in 30 submissions by DPC authors reporting their collaborative research related to diversity initiatives and the established inclusive practices embraced at their institutions of higher education, medical schools, and research laboratories.  

The journal’s editorial team of Barbara Trube, Chief Editor, and William Martinez, Assistant Editor, worked with authors and reviewers on tight timelines. Trube explained that “each manuscript underwent a rigorous blind-review process by volunteer content and psychometric experts.” She added, “We want to extend gratitude to all who submitted and reviewed."

Authors from across the DPC who contributed to each theme in the journal are found below. These include authors from the Coordination and Evaluation Center at the University of California, Los Angeles, the BUilding Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) grantees and the National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN).

Theme 1: Expanding Mentorship Interventions

Design and Implementation of a Mentorship Education Program at Xavier University of Louisiana: Impact and Lessons Learned by Maryam Foroozesh, Tiera S. Coston, Tyra T. Gross, Clair Wilkins-Green, and Elizabeth Yost Hammer.

Developing a Career-Focused, Diverse Mentoring Program for Underrepresented STEM Undergraduates by Annica Wayman, Kathleen Stolle-McAllister, and William LaCourse.

Increasing Faculty Self-Efficacy in Mentoring through Training in Inclusive Mentoring and Course-based Undergraduate Research by Sonsoles de Lacalle and Melissa Soenke.

Transforming Science Research through Liberatory Race-conscious Mentorship: The BUILD PODER Professional Development Modules by Jose H. Vargas, José M. Paez, Will Garrow, and Carrie L. Saetermoe.

Theme 2: Testing Existing Interventions

Advancing Inclusive Mentoring: An Effective Mentor Training Program Across Comprehensive and R2 Public Universities by Kelly A. Young, Raymond M. Esquerra, Natalie Muñoz, Sarah A. Lacy, Jane L. Lehr, Panadda Marayong, and Kim-Phuong L. Vu.

Mentoring Networks in Academic Medicine: A Longitudinal Exploration by Maritza Salazar Campo, Selina Margarita Livas, Teresa R. Madamba, and Elizabeth Ofili.

Scalable Career & Educational Growth Transitions by Developing a Personal Mentoring Network & Engaging with an Online Mentoring Platform by Toufeeq Ahmed Syed, Katie Stinson, Erika L. Thompson, Zainab Latif, Damaris Javier, Dimiter M. Dimitrov, and Jamboor K. Vishwanatha.

BUILDing Engaged Mentors: Examining the Efficacy of BUILD-led Mentor Training by Heather E. McCreath, M. Kevin Eagan, Nicole M. G. Maccalla, Cynthia J. Joseph, and Keith C. Norris.

Retention & Graduation of STEM Students at a Majority Hispanic Serving Institution: Effect of Participation in a Freshman Course-based Research Experiences Sequence by Lourdes E. Echegoyen, Rafael Aguilera, Tolulope Adeyina, Clarissa Reyes, Guadalupe Corral, and Amy E. Wagler.

Mentoring as a Buffer for the Impact of Social Unrest due to Systemic Racism and Ambient Discrimination by Audrey J. Murrell, Doris M. Rubio, Maya S. Thakar, Natalia E. Morone, and Gretchen E. White.

Theme 3: Importance of Prepared Facilitators to Implement Interventions

Psychological Safety: Creating a Transformative Culture in a Faculty Group Peer-Mentoring Intervention by Lance D. Laird, Kimberly Bloom-Feshbach, Tay McNamara, Brian Gibbs, and Linda Pololi.

Facilitated Peer Group Mentoring for Underrepresented Biomedical Researchers: Facilitators’ Experiences and Implications for Dissemination of a Curriculum by Bianca Avila, Friederike Jayes, Enrique Neblett, Susan Pusek, Susan S. Girdler, and Leonor Corsino.

Evaluation of a Virtual Culturally Aware Mentoring Workshop for Biomedical Faculty by Stephanie C. House, Angela Byars-Winston, Ellyssa Eiring, Sylvia Hurtado, You-Geon Lee, and Richard McGee.

Theme 4: New Validated Mentoring Assessment Instruments

Internal Consistency and Application of a Mentee Survey to Assess Mentor Competencies in an Academic Medical Center across Demographic Groups by Cathleen S. Colón-Emeric, Leonor Corsino, Gentzon Hall, Rasheeda K. Hall, Holly Hough, Michelle Mack, Richard Sloane, Beth Sullivan, and Kevin Thomas.

Perceptions in Mentorship: The Mentor-Mentee Competency Discrepancy by Brandt Wiskur, Akshay Sood, Orrin Myers, Xin Shore, X., Brian Soller, Natasha Mickel, Nora Dominguez, and Beth Tigges.

For more information, email info@diversityprogramconsortium.org.

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