Our Mentors WOW: Words of Wisdom from the mentors of the Diversity Program Consortium

One of the Diversity Program Consortium’s goals is to elevate the future generation of scientists and researchers, and this is made possible with the passion and dedication of the current generation. Faculty mentors play a critical role in the mission to reach inclusive excellence in the biomedical research workforce, and they inspire this vision everyday. Read mentors’ words of wisdom on mentorship in the DPC January 2020 Newsletter.


Devin Drown picture“Listen to your mentees as they each need different kinds of feedback. At the same time, listen to yourself and have your own vision of your abilities. You are only a capable mentor when you trust what you are doing.”

— Devin Drown, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, Department of Biology and Wildlife, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 

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