Excited to Make New Discovery

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Contact Info: powelljc1@udmercy.edu

University of Detroit Mercy scholar Nechamadina Peeples created sterile cultures of duckweed during her 8-week ReBUILDetroit Summer Research Experience. She anticipates sending her samples for DNA barcoding.

Peeples worked with her mentor Dr. Stokes Baker and presented “The Effects of Bacterial Colonization on Nutrient Absorption in Giant Duckweed (Spirodela Polyrhiza).”

The ReBUILDetroit experience provided an opportunity for Peeples to explore and experience the work of a botanist. “It helped me figure out that I want to be a botanist. This is me.”

“The biggest challenge we faced was time,” said Peeples.  “We plan to finish our work in the Fall.”

“I thought everything was figured out already,” said Peeples. “It’s exciting to possibly make a new discovery!"

Nearly 70 posters were presented during the 2nd annual ReBUILDetroit Summer Research Poster Session at Wayne State University on July 19.

The undergraduate poster session was the culmination of the 8-week Summer Research Experience.

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